• Clinical & Technological Partnerships

    We believe that interdisciplinary and cross-industry partnerships are key to advancing global goals

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    "InSituPlex®️ Technology - The Ultivue Difference"

    Ultivue provides researchers and scientists with a variety of biomarker detection methods for tissue phenotype and digital pathology. We work closely with the Ultivue team to provide customizable solutions. In addition, we use Ultivue reagent biomarkers to detect cancer and extract specific information from various cell phenotypes. This valuable information can help pathologists make quick decisions and improve patient treatment.

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    Leica - BIOSYSTEMS

    "Advancing Cancer Diagnostics Improving Lives"

    Leica Biosystems provides researchers and scientists with a fully automatic IHC and ISH instrument-the Bond RX. The instrument reduces manual work on tissue staining by increasing speed, efficiency, and consistent automation, so researchers can spend less time on the bench and spend more time on innovation.