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    Why A!maginostic?

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    A!HistoNote is a general DP data storage, annotation, and analysis platform.

    View proprietary brightfield and fluorescence virtual slide formats, annotations, and analysis results directly in your browser from all your devices.

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    The quantitative analysis of Multiplex

    image is the key.

    Cell-by-cell information is essential for the prognosis of tumour in the microenvironment. Our solution can quantify the killer cells and carcinoma cells automatically. Hence, the solution improves assessment quality and speed up the diagnosis task for the pathologist.

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    TMA Quantification

    "Big insights, tiny samples‎"

    Positive cells quantification in brightfield or multiplex fluorescent Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is an essential parameter for the expression of cancer stem cell biomarkers. Hence, the solution can predicting survival rate in human cancer.

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    A!Remote - Remote Diagnosis System

    Remote diagnostics software package gives clinicians access to pathological images in the cloud. Provide valuable advice to hospitals in rural areas. Therefore, this solution can improve healthcare indirectly.